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Video - Everything You Need to Know About Business Websites

A well-designed business website is perhaps the most important web property a business can/should have. It should be the hub of all business online activities. A good website can attract and capture new patients and be an important source of information for existing patients. Yet most optical businesses/practices do not have any website or if they do have one, it is usually poorly designed and doesn’t produce the desired results. This webinar discusses, in detail, what the key elements of a well-designed website are and how to use it to grow an optical business/practice.

We discuss:

• What are the ten things every website MUST have;
• What is “responsive design” and why it is critical to have this for your website;
• Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important and how to get it;
• How to discover who is looking at your website and why it is important;
• How to select a web company to develop your website.

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