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Intro to the New - Google My Business

You might not be aware yet but Google is making changes that affect your business.....again. What you ask? Well not long ago there was Google Places (also called Google Local). It was a goofy mini-website that Google automatically created for most businesses (based on information they pulled from a website and other online properties). Most businesses didn't even know it existed. Most didn't "claim" the site and certainly didn't manage or make sure the information on the Google Places site was correct. And of course Google also has Google+, which is their version of a social media platform (like Facebook). Additionally, many businesses had/have YouTube (Google owned), Google analytics, and on and on. Previously you had to log into separate places to get to these sites. I call this the "Google Mess" (but don't tell them I call it that).

Here is the good news- Google has created "Google My Business". The purpose of this new program is to bring all of your Google properties together into one place. Now you can access all of your Google properties from one location. And Google Places (Google Local) is gone (yea!) and is replaced with Google+ (kind of).

Why should you care about all of this and how does it affect your practice? First let's all agree that Google is the largest search engine platform on the planet. And the vast majority of searches that consumers do to find something on the internet is controlled by Google. So we want to make sure Google is very aware of your practice and all of your web properties. One good way to accomplish this is to have a well designed and active Google+ page for your practice/business. You also want (and need) to continue to make sure your website is optimized for SEO (Search engine optimization) and that you are doing all of the other tactics to get on the first page of a Google search (or any search engine for that matter) when a consumer types in an eye care related keyword (i.e. eye exam or eyeglasses). All of these Google changes should not replace good SEO habits, but should be used to enhance your SEO strategy.

I highly recommend you learn about the Google changes and migration to My Google Business. To assist you in belter understanding the changes and how to embrace them, here are some materials that will help.

The video to the right, is a webinar I recently did on the Basics of Google+. Watch it and learn how to navigate the Google Mess.

Here is a great My Google Business guide written by the folks at Boostability.com To view the guide, click here