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How to Choose a Patient Engagement Platform

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Let's face it, marketing a practice is different that it was just 10 years ago. With the internet, Google, SEO, and social media, a practice has to be on the top of their marketing game in order to retain current patients and to find/attract new ones. .

But how does the average practice have time to take care of patients, deal with insurance, and all of the other daily activities AND get/stay connected with patients between office visits?

Most successful practices turn to a patient engagement platform that allows them to automate the process while maintaining that personal touch. But how do you know which patient engagement platform to choose?

Each one has it's strengths, but a good way to know which one is right for your practice is to look at what features are available and then see who offers the most that will help grow your practice. This paper gives a comprehensive overview of what patient engagement automation tools are being used and how they can help your practice automate the patient engagement process. Below are just a few patient engagement tools that are detailed in this e-book.
  • Automated appointment confirmations
  • Personalized email messages
  • eNewsletters
  • and a lot more (40 total!)

Click on the icon to the right to get information on all 40 features/benefits a patient engagement platform can bring to your practice.
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About the Author

Amy LaVange is a professional educator for healthcare providers. She specializes in helping practices reduce inefficiencies and lower costs, so providers and their staff can spend less time worrying about their bottom line and more time caring for their patients. She currently manages communications for Solutionreach, where she consults with their clients and creates educational content to help them establish patient-centered practices by utilizing tools and techniques that allow them to streamline their productivity and improve their patient experience.

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