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E-Book: How To Grow Your ECP Practice Using The Internet and Social Media

Surveys have shown that most ECPs know they should do “something” with the internet and social media for their practice, they just don’t know what to do or how to do it.

This e-Book is about helping you understand:

1) the importance of having a good web presence;
2) the online tools that are available to help get online;
3) the process for getting started using the internet/social media to grow your practice.

ECPs are beginning to realize that the internet can be a “practice builder”. Many are upset and/or worried about the sites selling eyeglasses online. Without a doubt, the online eyeglasses sales are growing, but that should have minimal effect on the average practice, IF that practice decides to have a quality online presence.

Patients/consumers are online everyday looking for information about eye exams, glasses and eyecare information. If a practice has a good online presence (website and social media presence), then they have the opportunity to not only defend their market share, but has the chance to attract new patients, even without selling eyeglasses online.

This e-Book will show you how to get started and how to “get in the online game”!

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