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Posting on Facebook Made Simple

by Bob Main - Web Presence Coach/Consultant

Even if your practice has a well-designed Facebook page, it still will not have a positive impact on the practice, unless you post the right content. Knowing what/how to post is important and this short guide will give you some suggestions.

Engage – When posting, ask open questions to get people to respond and interact with your page and each other. It’s like a forum for people to give their opinion and thoughts on various subjects. Provide links for visitors to click on and get information. Anything you can do to get them to interact with your page can be considered engagement. Be sure to always include a photo (or that the link you are using has a photo). Videos have become a very good way to get engagement and get a post noticed. Otherwise, your post gets lost in the news feed.

Entertain – The main reason people are on Facebook (and other social media tools), is to “be social”. Part of being social, is to have fun. You can provide fun entertainment on your page by posting trivia questions (maybe offer a small prize to the winner), polls, contests and “factoids” (quick bits of interesting, sometimes bazaar vision related information). Use online software programs, like www.WildfireApps.com or www.Tabsite.com to develop the content for your Facebook Page.

Educate – People, in general, like to learn new information. Especially if it helps them see better or answers a question they have about eyeglasses. You can have a library of information on your Facebook page that will be a source of education for your patients. You don’t have to create the information, just be a central gathering place for educational information on other websites (i.e. links to articles, links to good websites, info about new frames or lenses, etc.)

Inform – You can make your Facebook page the “news center” for what is happening in eye care and with your practice. Post newsflashes or breaking-news information as it happens (i.e. new contact lens material that you now carry, a new line of frames you just added, or a new no-line bifocal you just made available)

Post content about 3 to 5 times per week at a minimum. Don’t overdo it by posting too often (like 3 or 4 time per day). Patients (and potential patients) follow your practice on Facebook to get information about the practice, eye health information or eyewear information. Posting irrelevant content (like "have a nice weekend") might cause them to stop following you or to not show your posts in their news feed.

Having a goal and purpose for posting on your Facebook page is also important. So keep in mind that your Facebook page can accomplish three main goals:

1. Stay engaged/connected with your patients between eye exams or eyeglass purchases. This keeps your “brand” in front of them and top-of-mind when they are ready for an eye exam.

2. Be a resource hub for patients to get information about you, your practice, related and valuable information that will help grow your practice. If they see you (and your Facebook page) as a resource of information, they will stay connected with your Facebook page.

3. Get introduced to your patient’s network of friends that they are connected to. On average, Facebook users have 130 people connected to their personal profile. If they share/Like/comment your content, it shows up in their news feed and hopefully will be seen by their entire network of friends. As a result, your practice just got introduced to new, potential patients at zero cost. That is the power of Facebook!

So get started adding content (a.k.a. posting) on your Facebook page and watch the interaction and engagement grow.

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