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This section has great information on how to use Facebook to help grow your ECP practice. Click on the icons below to view articles and videos, all designed to show you how to develop, post, advertise and more on a Facebook page.

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How to Market/Advertise Your Practice On Facebook - VIDEO
Facebook has recently made a lot of changes to the Business Pages. The techniques used to get and stay engaged with page followers and attract new patients has been significantly impacted. It is still possible to grow an optical business using Facebook, but the rules have changed and every ECP needs to be aware of the changes.

This session will cover all of the basics of how to use Facebook marketing tools (Boost a Post, Promote a Page, etc.), how to set up an ad on Facebook and how to use the new/improved analytics to manage marketing campaigns. Now is your chance to learn how to maximize Facebook to grow your optical business – don’t miss this webainr replay- View video....

How to Set Up and Manage a Facebook Business Page - VIDEO
Many people think Facebook is a social media online toy. You might think of Facebook as simply a place to share photos of the kids or contact and keep up with friends. However, Facebook can be used as a powerful marketing tool for any ECP practice/business to stay connected and engaged with current patients or to attract new ones. This session demonstrates, in detail, everything an ECP needs to know to make the “magic of Facebook” happen for their practice. View video....

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Posting on Facebook Made Simple - ARTICLE
Even if your practice has a well-designed Facebook page, it still will not have a positive impact on your practice, unless you post the right content. Knowing what/how to post is important and this short guide will give you some suggestions. Read more....
Why Every ECP Practice Needs a Social Media Presence - ARTICLE
The data is clear, small businesses (like yours) are starting to recognize the importance of using social media to grow their business. Studies show a sharp increase in the number of small firms on social media and it is helping them grow their business. What are you doing with social media to grow your optical business? Read more....
Please - DON'T Do These Four Things With Your Facebook Page - ARTICLE
Building and managing a Facebook page for your ECP practice or optical company can seem confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn’t really need to be. There are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when building your Facebook page that will make it a winning site that can be used as a powerful tool to help grow your optical practice/business. Here are four things you definitely want to avoid. Read more...
Important Things to Know When Setting Up a Facebook Page - ARTICLE
Okay, you get it and you are finally ready to set up a Facebook Page for your practice. Or maybe you already have one but you’re not sure if it is set up correctly. If your account is not properly set up, you will not be able to take advantage of some of the valuable features Facebook has to offer. This article is going to review the steps for actually getting the account set up.
More Facebook Information Coming Soon
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